We can not deny that the meats are an excellent appetizer or complement to our plates.

It’s all the same sausage?

If you love sausage and yοu’re not willing to banish your diet, choose light products, but even those naturally lower in fat, such as those made from chicken and turkey. The light meats (eg Parizaki light, smoked sausage light) made from meat that has been treated partial removal of saturated fat. The normal Parizaki, has, for example, 12% fat, while the light just 2%.

Regarding calories, light is almost half as compared to normal. The sausages should be eaten in moderation is the bacon, the mortadella and salami, which is richer in fat.

But if you’re not a friend of meat, know that there are still vegetables and meats! That does not mean that we should rush to enroll in your plan weekly, but if you like different flavors, are a good suggestion.

Meats and health

Due to the high content of sausages in satureted fat and sodium, must be very carefully consumption in people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Even turkey contains approximately 1 gr. sodium per 100g.

In recent years, entered the market with reduced salt meats, which may be a nutritional sentence for people with hypertension, confident enough to maintain order on their consumption.

What should I choose?

With the strides it has made food technology, it’s amazing how careful may be the manufacture of sausages. Whether reduced-fat sausage, or ham with reduced fat, are achievements that half a century ago was unthinkable.

Lovers of tradition, however, may remain faithful to the traditional village products, which usually are more rich in flavor and are produced using traditional methods.

At this point, should be put into consumer that the more traditional manufacturing are medothoi a delicatessen, the greater the chance of not having used sterile sites and tools during the production process or suitable conditions for breeding and slaughter animal whose meat is used for feedstock. This obviously poses health risks.

From the above it becomes clear that it is preferable to purchase sausage from the supermarket, primarily because it ensures a stable and safe product, a far greater extent than that of the village and more options, especially for those with known health problems.

Types of sausage

Meats call all those meat products, minced meat or intact cuts of meat that have been completely or partially processed by heating, salting, drying, smoking or a combination of these modes of treatment. Sausage, distinguished in partially processed and fully processed.

The main types of sausage are: ham, pork Kavourmas smoked sirloin, qoppa, Beef corn, dried meat, canned meat, Lazio MIT, bacon, cured pork noua, camel meat, pate, tripe, jelly, seftalies, shoulder, cured pork breats, cured pork round, converge, Chop-MIT turkey fillet, fillet Greek, fillet type Krakow, cured pork fillet.

The sausages are divided into the following categories:


Are sausages in natural or artificial casings. In our country, divided into two major groups: sausages and salamis. The sausages are usually made from raw meat, and seasoned by salami or heat-treated meat.


It is of chopped ham (kimadopoiimeno) meat from cuts of meat or a mixture of chopped meat, which have undergone heat treatment.

Partially treated:

It processed meat formulations, the surface intersection in the center of which has the characteristics of fresh meat. Partially treated also called, the formulation is water activity (most would say simplistic humidity) less that 0.97. The partially processed meat formulations, maintained only under refrigiration.

Partly matured (semi sausage):

Prepare meats like air, except that after the partial maturation, subjected to heat treatment and partial dehydration, which lasts up to 3 weeks. Maintained at tepmeratures below 20ºC, for several months.

Completely treated:

It’s formulations, which may be maintained at ambient temperature.

Matured (Air delicatessen):

Remain in special chambers from 3 day to 6 months to ripen and partial dehydration.

Slowly matured:

Το mature, it takes more than 3 weeks. Distinguished by low water activity and low enough pΗ value of (5.4 to 6.0).

Rapidly Matured:

Ripen in 3-6 days. Distinguished by very low pΗ (4,8-5,2) and sufficiently low water activity.