The supermarket has created a separate space which includes a wide range of organic products such as:
Cereals, pasta, milk, oil, jam, flour, biscuits, beans, rice, bread, tomato paste, ketchup, nuts and fruits, honey and spices.

In the refrigerator, you will find:
Yogurt, cheese, milk, halloumi, feta.


Organic products are the result of cultivation of land without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and toxic pesticides. The control of plant diseases and soil fertilization are made with natural methods and organic stores. The organic farming based on traditional knowledge of farmers in search of science for healthy options. In organic farming does not use antibiotics and hormones.

The toxic substances obtained in conventional food and through the food reaches the body. Organic products contain 20-30% less water in composition, larger percentages of protein, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. It also does not contain preservatives, flavors, artificial colors and fragrances. The natural mode of production, helps to have a much better flavor and aroma than conventional counterparts.

The credibility of organic products based of a rigorous inspection and certification system prescribed in the Law 2092/91 and 1804/99 of the European Union and every organic farmer is obliged to apply it. Under this system, a manufacturer controlled at all stages of production up and disposal. Agriculturists act controls the property, and special tests during cultivation, harvest and of standardizing, certifying compliance with the necessary rules.