The supermarket within the framework of its social responsibility make every effort
possible to be more as much as possible environmentally friendly and to
assist in its own way all the effort for a more clean, green and heathly environment.

Within this framework, the measures and actions undertaken are:

  • Replacement of plastic bags with recycled bags with recycled polyethen.
  • Recycling of all boxes and nylon used in supermarket.
  • Excellent cooperation with Green Dot Cyprus.
  • Replacement of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems with new using new type HCFC gases environmentally friendly.
  • Isolation and acoustic insulation of the building for energy savings.
  • Install photovovoltaic systems to save electricity.
  • Planting of trees around the perimeter of the parking place.
  • Continuous effort to carry out the work of the supermarket as more environmentally friendly.