1. What is the purpose of our policy

Kkolias Supermarket is responsible for the processing of your personal data strictly applies the provisions of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the protection of physical persons, against the processing of their personal data for the free circulation of this data (” the rule” ).

Compliance with this policy applies to all staff of our SUPERMARKET, including the executives, its staff and its external partners who process your personal data on our behalf. This policy defines the types of personal data we collect, explains the purpose of their collection and use, when, why and to whom we may disclose them, and finally your rights as personal data subjects.

2. Which personal data we collect or edit and for what reason

2.1 Customers

For the purposes of your application for our gift card and your information about our offers on our products we collect your personal information such as name, ID number, date of birth (optional) home address, home phone, mobile phone, email address.

For the collection and processing of the above data we receive your explicit consent.

For the purpose of browsing our website we collect:

  • Information about your browsing behavior on our website, as well as information about the frequency of visits to our product ads.
  • Information about the devices you used to visit our services (manufacturer, model, operating system, IP address, browser type and device identifiers).

For the purposes of communication and information about relevant offers on our products and services or your participation in our promotional activities we collect

  • Personal data, which you give us with your consent to contact you (for example name, mobile phone and contact information).
  • The communication with you for the purposes of advertising or commercial promotion is done through sms messages, our website or social media.
  • As our customers you have the right to stop receiving messages related to advertising and promotional updates, at any time you wish by clicking Stop SMS at the end of each promotional sms or calling 22381750 asking not to be sent a message again.

For the purposes of your visit to our store

  • Your image is likely to be recorded by our CCTV, which is installed for your security, crime prevention, antisocial behavior and protection of our property.

2.2 External Partners

For the purposes of the execution of the terms of the contract and professional cooperation, in the context of the provision of services and the settlement of financial debts of our Associates, we collect or process.

Ι. Name, office telephone, Mobile phone, Email Address Mail, ID number, business postal address, email address, VAT number.

2.3 Product suppliers

For the purposes of professional cooperation and communication with the Company, an authorized employee or those who handle and serve the needs of our Supermarket we collect the name, Address, landline office phone, seller’s mobile phone, Company registration number, VAT number. and the corporate email address.

3. Who are we sharing your data with and why

3.1 Customers

Ι.To a physical or legal person, to whom we have assigned specific services and include the processing of personal data strictly on our behalf and account.

When we disclose our customers personal data to external partners we require them, through an agreement, to keep it secure, and to comply with the provisions of the regulation and they are not allowed to use our customers’ personal data for their own advertising or other commercial purposes.

ΙΙ. To a physical or legal person, public authority, service or other body if required by any legislation or regulation of the Republic of Cyprus or a court decision or decision of a competent authority.

3.2 Partners/Suppliers

To the accounting manager and our approved auditors in the context of the financial and accounting management of the agreement and the issuance of the annual financial statements.

We may also need to disclose personal data of our clients, partners in the following cases:

  • For the administration of justice or the investigation of criminal offenses.
  • To safeguard, exercise and defend our legal rights in legal proceedings (including the provision of personal data to others for fraud prevention purposes)

4. How long do we keep the personal data

For as long as the customer-centric or professional relationship lasts. For as long as there are any pending financial matters or legal or other legal proceedings or settlement.

For as long as it is provided by the legislation or regulation of the Republic with the application of the appropriate technical protection measures.

For a longer period of time for statistical and historical purposes.

5. How we protect and secure personal data

We apply electronic and procedural security measures regarding the collection, storage and disclosure of your personal data as follows:

  1. We use security measures on computers, such as passwords, automatic computer lock, back ups, etc. to ensure data protection.
  2. We register the privacy of Partners and Service Providers with a special agreement for the processing of personal data.
  3. We allow access to personal data only to our authorized personnel and only in the context of performing their duties and trusted associates and only in the context of providing their services.
  4. We regularly check our systems through a specialized external computer partner for possible vulnerabilities or attacks and we are constantly upgrading the security system.

We request proof of identity and identity before disclosing any information with personal data

6. Your rights

As a customer or partner of KKOLIAS SUPERMARKET you have the right:

  1. Access or download copies of information containing your personal data.
  2. Correction if you believe that the personal data we have about you is incorrect or incomplete.
  3. Complain about how we handle or handle your personal data.
  4. Withdraw your consent where it is a legal basis for the processing of personal data.
  5. Objection, if you believe that a particular treatment of ours does not comply with the provisions of the Rules.

7. Privacy Policy Representative

According to the regulation, we have appointed Mrs. Christina Fotiou in charge of personal data protection in the supermarket, with whom you can contact for the exercise of your rights through regulation through the following elements:

Contact phone: 22381750 or at the email address: info@kkolias.com

Our data protection officer will study your complaint and work with you to resolve the issue.

Yours sincerely

Panikkos Kkolias
General Director