Physical safety measures of customers information and personal data

NIKOS KKOLIAS SUPERMARKET CO LTD (KOLOLIA SUPERMARKET) faithfully applies the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and takes all appropriate technical, organizational and administrative measures to ensure the protection of personal data processed, accidentally or unfairly. Destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access or any other form of improper processing.

The processing of personal data is confidential and is carried out exclusively by authorized and trained persons who are under the control of the Company have been informed and committed by signing a relevant confidentiality form.

1.1    Organizational security measures

  1. Training of staff and executives who process personal data.
  2. Statement of confidentiality and confidentiality for staff and executives who process personal data by signing a binding form.
  3. Consent forms for all company staff to process their personal data.
  4. Confidentiality Commitment Agreement for the processing of personal data of the Supermarket by the Associate Service Providers who operate on behalf of the Company.
  5. Statement of consent and confidentiality in cases of recording of practical meetings.
  6. Statement of written consent from the staff in cases of taking and publishing photos.
  7. Security policy for the use of computers.
  8. Keeping a record of providing any certificates to company employees.
  9. Policy for the Protection of Natural Persons against the processing of their Personal Data, which includes the Activity Archive, as provided by the “Regulations”.

2.1    Technical safety measures

  1. Use of security locks in offices where personnel files are archived or stored.
  2. Use of security codes (Passwords) on the service computers of each Employee.
  3. Change passwords at regular intervals.
  4. Existence of a separate security code for each user of the company’s software program.
  5.  Restricted and controlled access to the server installation space (SERVER) -ACCESS CODE SYSTEM only by persons authorized by the Company.
  6. Daily BACKUP of the company’s records, which is kept outside the office in a secure environment.
  7. Existence of a parallel daily BACKUP (every night) which takes place in another corporate SERVER besides the main SERVER of the company.
  8. Existence of an antivirus program to protect electronic files from external viruses.
  9. Existence of a new generation FIREWALL to protect files from viruses and “external attacks” for the purpose of spying or destroying them.
  10. Placing all service computer users under one DOMAIN for the purpose of greater data protection and security.

3.1     Physical safety measures of data

Instructions for keeping a clean and sautéed office practice and avoiding information exposure in places easily accessible to third parties.